Exclusive Q&A with Sterling Knight


By Ashley Spencer

Get ready for secrets, rumors, and scandal when Sonny with a Chance's hour-long episode "Sonny with a Secret" airs this Sunday, July 18, at 8:30 p.m. on Disney Channel. In the episode, rumors about Sonny spiral out of control and ultimately get her fired from her show! Her only hope is that Chad, Nico, and Grady can discover the truth in time to clear her name.

J-14 caught up with Chad Dylan Cooper himself, Sterling Knight, and chatted about Sonny with a Chance's upcoming episodes, playing a jerk, and being BFFs with Zac Efron.

J-14: Your character has changed so much since the beginning of Sonny with a Chance. What can we expect from him next? Sterling Knight: In season two, Chad's going through a really big change. Now that he and Sonny are dating you get to see the softer side of him. You get to see more of that heart of gold that you rarely got to see, but it's the little part of him that made him likeable in season one. You get to see more of that in season two. He still has his idiosyncrasies of being egotistical and just kind of living in his own little dream world. But you really get to see him care for Sonny and grow up a little bit.

J-14: Is it more fun to play the nice guy or the jerk? Sterling: I like being the jerk. Although it is nice to not have kids run up to me and scream, "Why are you so mean to Sonny?!"

J14: Tell us about Sunday's special episode, "Sonny With a Secret." Sterling: It's our big hour-long episode, and this is definitely a different kind of episode than other Sonny with a Chance episodes. It's a big mystery that everyone's trying to solve. There's a lot of underhanded action going on and Sonny gets fired -- there's a lot of stuff going on!

J14: You got to work with Zac Efron in the movie 17 Again. Are you planning on seeing his new flick, Charlie St. Cloud? Sterling: Absolutely! I think it looks really, really good. Zac is one of my best friends and definitely a big influence on me. I got to hang out with him a little bit while he was filming Charlie St. Cloud, and I've heard nothing but great things from everyone I've talked to about it. I'm really excited to see it.

Photo: Courtesy of Bob D'Amico/Disney Channel

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