NEW COUPLE ALERT?: 'Scream Queens' Co-Stars Taylor Lautner and Billie Lourd Are Caught Making Out


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It's safe to say that when actors work on the same television show or movie, they become super close. Just ask Scream Queens co-stars Taylor Lautner and Billie Lourd who have become so comfortable with each other that they were actually caught making out on Snapchat over the weekend!

Up until now, the rumors of a potential relationship forming between the two haven't been as rampant as you might think. But, this kiss may have just opened the door for all new speculation about what's really going down between Taylor and Billie off screen!

It was Keke Palmer who documented the kiss on social media. She posted the shot with the caption, "Omg omg omg OMG."

Billie Taylor Kiss

Whoa, baby! This does NOT look like they are acting!

Taylor, Billie, Keke and Abigail Breslin were all hanging out in Los Angeles at The Nice Guy restaurant when the moment happened. An eyewitness told E! News, "He was sitting really close to Billie, whispering in each other's ears twice and kiss. They've been staring in each other's eyes and she's been stroking his chest because his shirt is unbuttoned."

OMG! These two definitely packed on the PDA, but there's still no real confirmation about whether they are really an item or just having some fun. Regardless, we think they would be PERFECT together! What do you think??

Do you think this is a future celeb couple? Let us know in the comments below!

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