We all know that Heidi Klum is the indisputable queen of Halloween. The supermodel-turned-TV host has dressed up as everything under the sun — from Jessica Rabbit, Fiona from Shrek to a literal worm. So, what did she dress up as this year at her yearly Halloween party — and which celebrities turned up?! Keep reading to find out!

What Did Heidi Klum Dress Up As For Halloween 2023?

The Project Runway host dressed up as a peacock. The one thing about Heidi though, is she’s going to go all the way — her outlandish peacock attire was joined by a flock of feather-ed friends — her husband included.

“I wanted to do a costume with many, many people. I wanted to have a bunch of people and we all become one thing. And for me, in my mind, that one thing was the peacock,” she told People Magazine at the event.

Earlier in the day, the German model appeared on Amazon Live with designer Bill Corso, whom she has worked with on her Halloween costumes for many years. “I’m very excited to reveal it,” Heidi teased, adding that the pressure to outdo herself every year is “huge.”

One of the most memorable Halloween costumes Heidi donned, was of course, the worm from 2021.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Heidi revealed that the costume took four months to develop and a full 12 hours to apply. “We started at 11 a.m. and I probably made it to the carpet around 11 p.m.,” she said. “I was so claustrophobic in that costume. It is one thing to add prosthetics to your body—but to be stuck inside the worm body and not really be able to use my arms or feet was not very comfortable. But Halloween is not about comfort.”

Who Attended Heidi Klum’s 2023 Halloween Party?

Celebrity guests in attendance included Alix Earle, Rachel Zegler, Taylor Lautner, Tay Dome and so much more.

Earlier in the day, Alix revealed her Halloween costume via TikTok: Jadis the White Witch from the 2005 film, The Chronicles of Narnia.

“I don’t think anyone would expect this costume from me,” Alix said in the video, before explaining she was “skipping out on the sexy part of Halloween” that night. Click through our gallery to see all of the costumes from Heidi’s 2023 Halloween party.

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