Daniella Monet was iconic as Trina Vega on the Nickelodeon show, Victorious. She served up drama every single episode and we loved her for it! The actress has been going strong with her boyfriend Andrew Gardner for six years, and they are still as cute as they were when we first started writing about them.

Is Daniella Monet married?

While Daniella isn't married, she does have a long-time boyfriend (who she just upgraded to "partner"). The couple recently celebrated their six-year anniversary together, and she shared that she's officially decided to call him her "partner" instead of her "boyfriend" after years together. She wrote on Instagram, "Remember when you took my car this morning because yours was bone dry ⛽️? That's gotta be love ? 6 years of officialness. This is us ?? love you @gaftonguy ?hope you don't mind that I call you partner now, 'bf' is tired af ?."

They are seriously the cutest. Like, come on. Andrew runs his own fashion line and is also a vegan! Together, they have two dogs: Sofi and JakeRomeo.

What is Daniella Monet doing now?

Now, she's a lifestyle and wellness enthusiast. She's even producing her own show on Facebook Watch called D Takes Your V Card, all about veganism. Like Erin Sanders, who played Quinn on Zoey 101, she's a yogi who posts amazing photos on Instagram.

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Daniella also hosts the Nickelodeon show Paradise Run. It's all going back to her roots!

Can Daniella Monet sing?

Heck yeah, she can! Although her character in Victorious didn't have a perfect voice, Daniella is actually a really great singer. You can find some of her music online. She's even collaborated on a song with fellow Nickelodeon star, Drake Bell.

What is Daniella Monet's phone number?

That's for her to know! Fans got to call Daniella way back in 2013 after Jeanette McCurdy from Sam and Cat accidentally leaked Ariana Grande's phone number. Since Ariana was currently filming, Daniella answered the phone! If you'd like to reach out to Daniella, you can check out her social media accounts, where she's pretty active.

Does Daniella Monet have a sister?

She may have played Victoria Justice's big sister on the hit Nickelodeon show, but Daniella doesn't actually have a sister in real life. She does, however, have a brother named Mario.

Does Daniella Monet speak Spanish?

She doesn't! Although Daniella's dad is from Chile, where the native language is Spanish, she does not speak the language. The actress expressed her frustration with this on Twitter in 2016, saying, "Gosh darn it, I wish I knew Spanish. My dad is fluent, and I spoke it when I was teeny tiny, but I got nothin' now."

How old is Daniella Monet now?

Daniella Monet is 28 years old. Her birthday is March 1, 1989.

What is Daniella Monet's Instagram?

You can find Daniella as @daniellamonet on Instagram.

Additional reporting by Zoë Haylock.

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