Now that Abby Lee Miller has officially left Dance Moms, she isn't keeping quiet any longer. The Pittsburgh dance teacher is opening up about all things including her recent weight loss surgery and why the Dance Moms crew made it impossible for her to be healthy on set.

Not only that, but we looked into what her students have said about her since the franchise kind of fell apart and we can't help but wonder if they are throwing shade at her as well!

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Abby chatted with Entertainment Tonight and said, "If I was trying to be vegan, [they would] hand me a hoagie sandwich or Italian sub from somewhere. I’m like, 'What is this, lunch meat?' I can’t eat this!"

She continued, "I hate what I look like on TV and I want to look better and nothing makes the mothers more jealous. There’s your motivation. Payback’s a b-tch." Yikes!

If the allegations are true, this is really awful. The fact that the crew would not supply Abby with proper food or the nutritious food she asked for is just downright wrong. She skyrocketed these dancers to fame and before anything else she was their dance teacher. Not only that but the Dance Moms crew was employed because of Abby and the girls' success. Something seems off here but Abby isn't budging when it comes to here side of the story.

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She recently told People magazine that her departure from Dance Moms was a long time coming and no one knew how truly unhappy she was with the show – not even her students. Now that they are all in the spotlight especially Maddie Ziegler, some fans thought they would speak out about her. However, that's not been the case.

Maddie actually recently wrote a book and credited Sia as her mentor and the person that has given her the most guidance. It seems harsh not to mention Abby at all since she was there for Maddie since the beginning. However, it's quite possible the world doesn't know both sides of their story.

Abby is due in court at the beginning of May to face a prison sentencing for past fraud charges. She could end up behind bars for an extended period of time if she is convicted.

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