Shopping for holiday gifts is always tough. But you know what's the hardest? Finding an affordable present for that one special guy you've been crushing on for ages.

We know, we know — just the thought of it makes you go into panic mode. But don't worry, because we've got you covered! We rounded up a list of the coolest items that any guy would love, and even better, they're all under 10 bucks! With cool options like 3D pens, virtual reality glasses and mini Bluetooth speakers, it's safe to say your bae will be even more grateful to have you in their life.

Scroll down the page to see cool and affordable gifts your bae would absolutely love.


1. Go Virtual Reality Headset | $‌8.99

bae gift 8

It's perfect if your guy has a serious obsession with virtual reality and gaming! He can use it on the go and enjoy tons of apps right from his phone. Even better, he won't believe you spent less than $10 on it!


2. Laboratory Beaker Mug | $‌7.99

bae gift 001

If he's a major science geek who spends most of his time in the lab room, impress him with this cool beaker mug!


3. Snickers Giant Chocolate Candy Bar, 1 LB | $‌9.89

bae gift 02

Does your bae have a serious sweet tooth? Make his day and give him a giant candy bar!


4. Super Mario Bros. Heat Change Mug | $‌9.99

bae gift 03

If he's into video games, he'll be blown away by this cool mug. It actually lights up when hot beverages are added to it!


5. Innogie eLite Series 3200mAh Aluminum Portable Charger | $‌7.99

bae gift 004

Your guy could totally use a charger on the go! This way, you two can text without worrying about his battery dying.


6. Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Earbud Headphones | On Sale For $‌8.03

bae gift 1

He'll thank you for getting him headphones that actually last for more than a few weeks. Trust us.


7. 3Doodler 3D Printing Pen 2.0 | $6.99

bae gift 05

If he's into art or just loves to make doodles, then he can use this pen to create awesome 3D images for fun! (Also, how epic is this pen?!)


8. Black And Cheesy Pizza Socks | $10.00

bae gift 06

Seriously though, what guy doesn't love pizza?


9. Qiorange Mini Portable Stereo Speaker for iPods, iPhones, & iPads | $6.98

bae gift 07

He can turn it up and jam to his favorite songs together!


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