It's really just not Fifth Harmony's week.

Ally Brooke has officially unfollowed Fifth Harmony's Instagram account and fans everywhere are freaking out that she may be backing out of the band. Of course, this is all speculation and she hasn't commented on the rumor. However, it's quite odd that in the same week Camila Cabello made her big announcement to leave, Ally is making this bold move on social media.

Fans have been reacting to Ally's unfollow in lots of different ways on Twitter. They are confused and oddly, happy about it. While that's not the reaction we had predicted, it's clear that they think Fifth Harmony's management had a lot to do with the tension between the girls right now. Maybe this is the Harmonizers way of showing Ally and the rest of the group that they support their decisions – even if it is to rebel.

ally tweet

ally tweet 2


So, do you really think Ally is fed up and ready to go out on her own as well? To be honest, all of the girls seem super on edge right now, not just Ally. Whether it really is all due to Camila calling it quits or if it's their management, the leaked audio video of Lauren Jauregui talking to Ally made things look super nasty.

There's no proof that the video is real, but it does sound like Lauren's voice and she even says Ally's name after confessing that the group is treated like "literal slaves." If the allegations are true, Ally could be standing up for herself and the band by unfollowing the 5H account.

By no means does it mean she's leaving. It just goes to show that even in a group of five, well now four, she can still have a voice.

It's kind of empowering if this really is the case.

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