Ever since Austin Mahone sent Becky G an enormous bouquet of flowers for her birthday, we've been wondering if their relationship is more than platonic. Now, we're definitely suspicious that there is something going on between these besties! Things got pretty steamy at the 2014 Premios Juventud Awards, where Austin and Becky presented a telenovela award — and almost kissed.


While they were imitating the telenovela style, they got pretty close to making Becstin a real thing. Did you see Austin's face after she pulled away from their almost-kiss? He looks so disappointed.

But there were no hard feelings. After the show, Austin posted a selfie with Becky cozied up next to him, along with the flirty caption, "Always good to see @iambeckyg ?."


That could just be a friendly message, but after seeing sparks fly during the awards show and in their past musical collaborations, we wouldn't be surprised if Becky and Austin took their friendship to the next level. They would be so cute together!

Do you think Austin and Becky G are crushing on each other? Would they make an adorable couple? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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