A new role for Becky G! The actress and singer is indeed in Blue Beetle, but it’s a total blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment.

Keep reading for all the details on her role, film spoilers and more. 

Is Becky G in ‘Blue Beetle’?

Yes, it was announced in June 2023, that Becky would appear in the DC Comics’ movie. The role had been kept under wraps, but Becky was quick to share her excitement about getting the part after the news had officially been revealed.

“I’m so excited to finally be able to share with you guys that I am officially a part of the Blue Beetle familia,” she said in a social media video. “I have the honor of playing the voice of Khaji-Da, who is an alien who decides to who she wants to give her superpowers, and when I say I could not be any more proud of what you guys are going to experience when watching this film, I mean that from the bottom of my heart.”

Is Becky G in 'Blue Beetle'? Get Film Spoilers, Her Secret Role Explained

Who Does Becky G Play in ‘Blue Beetle’?

She portrays the voice of Khaji-Da, who controls Scarab — the supersuit obtained by Jaime Reyes (Xolo Maridueña) in the film.

“I really wanted to work with Becky G,” Blue Beetle director, Ángel Manuel Soto, told Entertainment Tonight in August 2023. “She represents a lot to the [Latino] community, and she is a testimony also of that resilience and being able to represent. And for us, it was very important to have somebody with that charisma, with that expertise, with that reach to play this world-destroying weapon.”

As the films, hopefully, continue, Becky will re-appear as the character. Ángel teased what that would look like going forward.

“This is the beginning of their relationship,” he shared. “As we keep going on the other iterations — like the second movie, the third movie — that relationship is gonna grow and the dynamics and the banters are gonna grow. So we wanna be able to track the growth.”

Will There Be a ‘Blue Beetle’ Sequel?

While DC Comics fans are hopeful for more from the hero, no official sequel announcement has been made thus far.

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