Olesya Rulin and [Nico Tortorella] looked absolutely gorgeous together, but now there are signs that are leading some to believe that they have split up. Teen.com discovered that the pair is no longer following each other on Twitter, and the High School Musical star has deleted all his pictures and their couple pics from her Instagram.

The Younger actor still has photos of her on Insta, and just recently he wrote an article saying the sweetest things about her: “Mouse, I love you. You and me are the beautiful tortured artists that paint dreams. This Raven still has miles and miles to soar. You know when that one comes along and she inspires you to write? Hold on to her for as long as you can, as long as she lets you."

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He wrote: "You’re the sorceress to my wizardry but our spells don’t always work on each other. The story of O always will be an epic love story. I’m always and forever on your side. Cheers to that, baby."

We really hope that perhaps they just got into an argument which caused her to delete the pics, but if the website's suspicions are correct this is SO heartbreaking. They truly were so good looking together. But hey, Zac Efron is single, too.

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