Earlier this year, Taylor Caniff told us that the Magcon Tour guys were getting back together, but it seems like their efforts to go on tour again is causing some tension between Cameron Dallas, Carter Reynolds, Nash Grier, and Matthew Espinosa! It all started when the Expelled actor tweeted about how much he wanted to get the Magcon guys back together, but couldn't because Matt and Nash were balking at the idea.

He says that, no matter what, they'll all be known for their Magcon days.

Taylor and Cameron even had a text conversation about it.

And the social media star insisted that the rest of the guys would come around with time.

He even promoted the hashtag #BringBackMagcon.

Carter threw shade at them for forgetting that they are a family.

But Matt wasn't happy about the accusation that he didn't miss those days.

And then shadily implied that his friend has ulterior motives.

Then, he jokingly said that they only wanted to get together because Cam has the copyright to the name of the tour.

There's obviously no hard feelings between them, so Cam urged his friend to call him up and get the full scoop.

While Nash didn't get into it on social media, he cryptically tweeted that he was just looking towards the future, and not the past.

While we have no clue if all the Magcon crew will actually get back together, it seems like they have at least four guys who are ready to sign on.

But that's something to look forward to! We don't think they is any serious beef between them — they're all still friends — but they definitely have different opinions when it comes to their careers.

Do you think the Magcon guys will get back together? Do you want to see them on tour? Let us know in the comments!

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