Even more details about Ariana Grande's donut-licking incident have come out, and it keeps getting worse and worse! The store's manager, Joe Marin, claims that the pop star was being very difficult and even spat on some powdered pastries.

“She was being rude. She kept telling my employee — an experienced donut server — she came to buy six donuts. She kept wanting the donuts in the back because my bakers were baking at that time. So my employee kept going in the back to go get the donuts that they were baking, [then] she brought them out there and put them on top of the donut display, and [Ariana] sent her to go get some more.”


Apparently, besides licking two of the donuts, she expelled some more saliva on a powdered pastry — and dared her new boo Ricky Alvarez to do the same.

“She was looking around, and that’s when I saw she was licking two of the donuts. Then she went to another tray that was on top and there was a tray of powdered donuts. So I zoomed [the camera into] her mouth, and the powdered ones, she did not lick them, she spit on those. She spit on one of them, and she dared that guy she was seeing [Ricky] and he spit on it, too. I saw they were getting a kick out of it and the two friends she brought, they saw what he did, too.”

And it turns out that the Ariana-licked donuts got purchased by unsuspecting baked goods-lovers, which is definitely a health hazard.

“I didn’t see who bought them because they were mixed [together]. Somewhere out there the donuts ended up with a customer because that night we ended up selling out," Joe continued.

Um, wow. Someone out there ate an Ariana donut and had no clue! However, the manager wasn't actually there when this whole incident went down. Instead, he says that he reviewed the security footage and talked to the employees who were working at the time. But since there were 10 cameras in the shop, he probably got a good idea of what was going on.

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