It’s been just over a month since 22 people lost their lives as they exited Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester. Since then, the families of the victims have been trying to make sense of what happened and find some comfort in this terrible nightmare. Ariana has been a huge support system for not only the people of Manchester but also for the people directed affected by the blast.

Not only did she put on a benefit concert, that raised millions in donations, just days after the explosion but she also visited with the families of loved ones who were killed and victims who were still recovering in the hospital. She has been praised by so many people around the world including other artists, journalists, fans and just people who have been compelled to reach out.

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Ariana has set the standard for bravery and courage in such a difficult time.

But, just because it has been over a month since the attack occurred, doesn’t mean she’s forgetting about any of the victims. Last night, Ariana stopped in Buenos Aires for her Dangerous Woman tour and shortly after her performance she tweeted a tribute to Saffie, the 8-year-old superfan who was killed in the blasts. She would have been 9 on July 4th.

Ariana wrote, “What’s newwwww, Buenos Aires
Argentina, I love you
Saffie, we’re ? of you baby ?.”

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Saffie’s family spoke to BBC and her sister said, “She was Ariana Grande-obsessed, so to see how happy she was, it was just … obviously I had to go with her.”

Her dad chimed in and said, “You couldn’t be out with Saffie without having fun, but her dream was to be famous. It was her everything and we bought her the tickets for Christmas. She was just counting the days, the seconds and it was just Ariana Grande until nine, 10 o’clock at night. And she would sing and dance to every single song.”

After finding out that Saffie hadn’t survived the blast, her dad said, “We’ve lost everything. We have, we’ve lost everything, because life will just never be the same.

This is heartbreaking. It’s nice to know that Ariana, just like Saffie’s family, has not forgotten her. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone that knew and loved this little angel.

Happy Belated Birthday, Saffie!

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