Positive vibes can be felt just about everywhere.

Without a doubt, Mac Miller has been there every step of the way for Ariana Grande in the last couple of weeks.

The rapper showed his support for Ari by being there for her when she arrived back to her hometown after the heartbreaking events in Manchester, and of course wanted to participate in the One Love Manchester benefit concert.

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So on the night of the big show, the two hit the stage to perform their single "The Way" and everyone could just feel the love and support radiating off them as they looked each-other in the eyes.

Of course the night was all about paying tribute and supporting those hurt by these tragic events, and the couple perfectly did their part by absolutely slaying the song and stage together.

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Everyone wasn't just talking about how great their vocals sounded together. What got fans all over talking was the sweet and subtle moments of PDA between Ari and Mac that warmed everyone's hearts. The two shared a kiss and a tight hug right after their performance, and everyone watching was absolutely here for the rapper showing the "Dangerous Woman" love in every way possible.

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What was without a doubt an emotional night for Ari, probably meant so much more to her knowing she had everyone important in her life rooting for her – including her loyal Arianators.

The concert was a beautiful way to spread the message of love and compassion to her fans and to everyone watching, which is what many artists like Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus did when they took the stage and showed their support to everyone involved.

One Love Manchester was an event nobody will be forgetting anytime soon. The message of choosing to spread love and kindness to everyone was heard loud and clear. We couldn't be prouder of Ari and all the performers for joining together for such a wonderful cause.

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