It’s been several weeks since a suicide bomber planted himself just outside the Manchester Arena and set off an explosion as Ariana Grande fans were leaving her concert. 22 innocent people were killed and the blast injured dozens more. Just because days have passed doesn’t mean those souls have been forgotten.

The One Love Manchester concert, which featured Ariana and many of music biggest names like Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and Katy Perry, raised millions of dollars for the victims and their families. Now, it’s being reported that Ariana has something else for the people who were directly affected by the attack.

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A source told Radar Online that Ariana will be giving lifetime concert passes. The report says, “All of the families of those who were killed, as well as all of those injured, are being given Ariana Grande concert tickets for life. The tickets will include VIP seats and backstage passes. Ariana knows that there is nothing she can do to bring back those who were killed, but she is trying to give them as much support as she can.”

It’s important to note that Ariana nor her team has confirmed this news. However, it wouldn’t be completely out of the ordinary for her to do something like this. She truly has been trying to support the injured and the families of the individuals who lost their lives over the past couple of weeks.

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She visited the hospital where her fans were recovering and she also met with the families and the parents of the victims who are no longer here. Ariana went so far as to change her entire set list of the One Love Manchester concert because a victim’s mother told the “Dangerous Woman” singer that her daughter would have wanted the hits to be played – not the somber songs. So, what’s exactly what Ariana sang, the hits.

The entire music community has come together ever since the attacks. They have raised money, they have supported her concert and reached out to Ariana herself to express their condolences are heartfelt sorrow for everyone involved.

Even though nothing has been confirmed, giving away lifetime tickets to those directly affected by the bombings seems like something Ariana would do. She showed the world just how much bigger love is than anything else. The world, especially the people of Manchester, will never forget that about her.

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