Joan Grande is making us love her more and more each day.

Yesterday, Ariana Grande was back in the U.K. less than two weeks after a suicide bomber took the lives of 22 of her fans and injured several dozen others following her Dangerous Woman world tour stop at the Manchester Arena. Ever since then, Ariana’s family, friends, and the music community have banded together to bring light to this terrible situation.

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Many took to social media to reflect on how this has affected their lives and what they vow to do moving forward. Joan had something to say as well. She wrote on Twitter:

And last night, she was not afraid. Joan was actually walking around the venue meeting fans during the One Love Manchester benefit concert and telling them that they shouldn’t be afraid. It was a message everyone needed to hear during such an emotional show. People took to Twitter to share photos they took with Joan and our hearts are melting. It’s something so simple of her to do yet meant so much.

One person wrote, “Ariana’s mom has been walking through the crowd all night meeting fans and telling them “not to be afraid!” #OneLoveManchester.”

Another wrote almost the exact same message, “Ariana Grande’s mum is strolling through the crowd telling fans: “do not be afraid” #onelovemanchester.”

What an extraordinary woman. It’s obvious that she was incredibly proud of Ariana for being strong, brave and having the courage to keep on singing in the wake of such tragedy. But, Ariana should be just as proud of her mother. She united people in the crowd on a personal level and it’s amazing.

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While it’s unclear if Ariana’s brother Frankie Grande was at the One Love Manchester concert, he took to social media to honor the victims and praise the success of the show as well. He said, “I don’t think I’ve ever been as proud of my little sister as I am right now. What a remarkable return after such a challenging time… and what incredible support, by the artists who joined her, the audience who watched and the many many men and women who protected us all today so that one love could be the remarkable success that it was. Thank you all. God bless Manchester, London, and all the victims and their families… we honor you. #onelovemanchester ❤️.”

Love really did win.

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