Ariana Grande's mom Joan Grande just had the worst travel experience, and she tweeted the whole thing! The singer's mother was furious that border agents gave her so much trouble getting the pop star's dogs, Toulouse and Sirius, into the U.K. from France.

She even goes as far to call it the "worst experience" of her life!

Even though it's a pretty involved saga, she wanted to clear everything up — not for our sympathy, but to take a stand.

Joan says that all her paperwork to bring Ariana's dogs was correct, but the border agents still refused them entry.

She's even threatening to find a more serious way to make them pay for it!

Thankfully, the story ended happily. Toulouse and Sirius made it to London in time for her tour!

Wow, we can't believe she had to go through that! While we're glad that everything is all cool now, it sounds like she had a crazy experience with this "bullying."

What do you think about Joan's experience? Has something like this ever happened to you? Sound off in the comments!

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