Ariana Grande has been vocal about her tough relationship with her dad, but her support system is still super-tight. In an interview with Daily Telegraph, the pop star revealed that she thinks of her manager Scooter Braun "like a stepdad" because he's always there for her.

He also plays a big part in Justin Bieber's life, so we think it's sweet he can act as a father figure for Ariana too! Thankfully, the singer says that her relationship with her dad is improving, even if she doesn't see him as much as Scooter.

"I barely see [my father], but when I do it's very pleasant. I love my dad. That was very hard as a young girl when my parents got divorced. Being in the middle of it was so stressful," she revealed.

"And of course being made up of both of them — I was like, 'Hey, if they both dislike each other's attributes so much, what am I to like about me? I'm made from these two people and I'm caught in the middle of all this fighting.' It was traumatic."

Despite going through such a difficult time when she was younger, the "Love Me Harder" singer is super-successful today — and we're so proud! Her music career has really blown up recently, and we can't help but think it's partly because she has supportive people around her, like her manager.

Do you think it's sweet that Ariana is so close to Scooter? Are you glad she has a good relationship with him? Tell us in the comments!

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