Austin Mahone and Becky G continue to be one of the cutest celebrity couples around, and they totally have the approval of his mom! Michele Mahone tweeted that she loved a fan drawing of the couple after her son's girlfriend posted it.

And the "Shower" singer sent back a sweet heart in response.

Well, now we know that Michele is a total Becstin shipper! But of course, she's always supportive of the girls in her son's life. She was on such good terms with the Fifth Harmony girls.

And Camila Cabello had a good relationship with her too, even though Ausmila is definitely a thing of the past now.

We think it's so adorable that Michele has such a great relationship with Austin's girlfriend. She's a fangirl too!

Are you a total Becstin shipper? Do you think it's cute that Michele loves Becky? Let us know in the comments!

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