Bella Thorne and Gregg Sulkin broke up last year but their love for their cat is keeping them together. The ex-couple announced on Twitter that they were now grandparents to some tiny kittens and Bella even shared a video of the magical moment.

Gregg was also there when their cat gave birth and he looked super happy, even blowing kisses at the camera (or Bella, who was recording the moment.) The Famous In Love star said, "We are grandparents !!! @greggsulkin our daughter had babies!!!"

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Gregg quote tweeted the video and said, "She is and has always been the cutest little thing in the entire world. Can't believe she's a mum!!!"

When the couple first split up, fans were worried about what this meant for their cats. Who would get to keep them? Bella or Gregg? A fan asked her "mom who gets the house and kittens? #alwaysfamily" to which she replied, "I get the babies."

bella and gregg cats

Gregg has always treated the cat like his own daughter, and he once even shared a photo holding her saying that she will not be dating any boy cats but it looks like that already happened! LOL.

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He posted the pic saying, "She's my daughter…. She will not be dating boy cats."

So cute! We are so glad that they were able to put their differences aside for such a special moment and we hope this brings them closer together. She also recently shared that one of her exes bought her underwear, so maybe she has been spending more time with Gregg than we thought?

It is still a mystery but for now, let's congratulate the new grandparents on the birth of their little kitten grandchildren and wish them all the love in the world.

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