It's no secret that Bella Thorne loves being in a relationship. But, wherever Bella goes drama seems to follow. To be fair, it kind of seems like she's just doing her. Like, she doesn't actually care what people think about her and if she wants to date two guys in two weeks then she's going to date two guys in two weeks.

But if she's going to do that, she's sure going to have fans talking about the drama going down in her life. Maybe she personally doesn't think she gets herself getting into much drama, but from an outsider's point of view, we legitimately cannot keep up with it all.

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We've rounded up a scattered timeline of Bella's biggest relationship drama that has made its way into the public eye. What we haven't seen is probably for good reason. Starting way back when she was in a long-term relationship with the normal guy Tristan Klier to her current boy toy and father of three, Scott Disick, Bella will never leave you bored.

Tristan Klier

Tristan and Bella were dating for years. He was not a celebrity which is kind of where and why all of the drama unfolded. She publicly admitted that he just doesn't understand her lifestyle and gets annoyed when she tells him she's still on set and it's 6 am. They broke up and then quickly got back together two weeks later in 2015. But, Bella was caught at a party with Ross Lynch and sending flirting tweets to Brandon Lee. She literally did not hide the fact that she was talking and hanging out with other guys. But, apparently, still dating Tristan.

bella 1

Brandon Lee

LOL…low and behold, Bella confirmed that she was dating Brandon shortly after her and Brandon's flirty Twitter exchange. They went on a date to Nobu that she posted on Instagram, saw the sunset together and even shared some super cute selfies. Everyone thought they were the real deal until Bella was seen legitimately kissing someone else at a basketball game within weeks of starting her relationship with Brandon. Yes…heads were rolling.

bella 2

Ryan Nassif

Ryan and Bella were caught a basketball game together and sat courtside. Okay, this could totally be something friends would do but then they actually kissed. Like, on the lips. Was Brandon okay with this? Did Bella break up with Brandon? Did Brandon break up with Bella? Everyone was confused. She had talked about her break-up with Tristan publicly a few times and basically said she got out of a long-term relationship and was just dating around. But, then why did you confirm your relationship with BRANDON? Okay, my head is spinning.

bella 3

Gregg Sulkin

Bella and Gregg were great for a year, they left the drama at home. Okay, that is until they broke up and Bella was seen with three guys in a matter of just a few months. WHAT. Not only that but Bella also recently revealed on social media that she and Gregg are still close which is all fine and nice until she actually said she loved him on his birthday. Of course, that spewed a sh-t load of rumors that they were getting back together. But, that wasn't the case because she was seen partying and packing on the PDA with Scott when she said she hated Scott's partying ways.


bella 4

Tyler Posey

Tyler and Bella looked like they had a lot of fun together that is until you realize he was one of Gregg's friends. There are multiple photos of Tyler, Gregg, and Bella hanging out on red carpets and at award shows which makes you wonder if something sketchy went on behind-the-scenes causing Bella and Gregg to break up. She and Tyler wasted no time flaunting their chemistry. She even put a photo on social media STRADDLING Tyler on a pool float. Okay…

bella 5

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Charlie Puth

Okay, now this is where things get really good. While the world still thought Bella and Tyler were in relationship bliss, the sneaky paparazzi caught her making out with Charlie in Miami, Florida on the beach. Wait…sorry WHAT. Yes, her arms were legitimately wrapped around Charlie's neck in a romantic embrace and no one knew what to do. The drama unfolded on social media as Charlie tweeted an apology to Tyler saying he had no idea they were dating. He accused Bella of lying to him. Bella then claimed her and Tyler had been broken up for two weeks.

OKAY…why didn't you say so, girl?!

Since then, Bella said she got death threats over the whole thing. She said she had to basically knock down Charlie's door for him to speak to her so she could explain the situation. Let's just put it this way, these two probably don't talk anymore. Oh yeah, and Charlie allegedly wrote a song about his drama with the Famous In Love actress called "Attention." Yikes!

bella 6
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Bella Pendergast

Somewhere in between all of the boy toy drama, Bella actually had her fans convinced she was dating her best friend Bella. She came out as bisexual and then was kissing her bestie on Snapchat, flirting with her on Twitter – you know the whole nine yards. But, they were kidding. And we just don't get why any of it was necessary.

bella 7

Dove Cameron

This was bizarre. A fan asked Bella if she thought Dove was hot, she said yes. Dove said she thought Bella was cute too. They said they would date each other. They were tweeting at each other and got every shippers' hopes up. What came of the drama? Absolutely nothing.

bella 8

Scott Disick

Scott, Scott, Scott. The reality television bad boy was seen chatting Bella up at a nightclub in Los Angeles, then they went on a dinner date and before we knew it they were jet-setting to Cannes together. Their PDA was off the freaking charts while on vacation but then Bella literally up and left just a day and a half after arriving in France.

She kind of threw Scott under the bus after the whole thing saying she was so not about his partying ways talking about how much he drinks and the scene he's into. Bella was not about that life and hung out with her ex-boyfriend Gregg a day after returning back to California. That's when everyone thought they were getting back together.

But, NOPE. Bella was seen again with Scott and what were they doing? They were partying, the one thing she said she hates about him. The paparazzi caught them leaving the club in the same car and attempting to try and hide their faces. Sorry, guys…we saw you.

In the most recent development, Scott sent Bella flowers and a card that was signed with 'love.'

bella 9

But hey, it's Bella's life and we're all just here for the ride.

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