Do not mess with Bella Thorne especially if you’re dating her because she will come back for revenge if you cross her. The Famous In Love actress just joined the dating app, Huggle. She posted a screenshot of her account on her Instagram story. While she did write a caption that says, “Friends only ?,” we are still a bit skeptical. She is also wearing a very racy Santa themed outfit in her profile photo. It’s all very confusing. And if you’re wondering if she still is dating her rapper beau Mod Sun, the answer is yes. So, why is Bella on this dating app in the first place – even if she’s just looking for friends? She hasn’t confirmed her reasoning for joining Huggle, BUT she did just expose Mod Sun for having an active account on the dating app Badoo last week. Could this be revenge? It’s possible.

Bella Thorne Instagram Story

Bella took to her Instagram story last week when exposing Mod Sun for using the dating app. For reference, the app is more popular in the U.K. than it is here. However, it’s apparently not as big as some dating sites like Bumble or Hinge. Regardless, Mod Sun has an account and we’re totally confused why he started this whole thing that probably won’t end well. He and Bella were rumored to be dating in the middle of October 2017 and ever since then, it seems like they can’t keep their hands off each other. Like, there are no rumors anymore. She calls him her boyfriend. He calls her his girlfriend. They are in a full-on relationship. So, it’s just like, why the eff are they now both actively using dating apps?

It’s really not a good look. Despite my personal opinion, the pair was most recently seen in good spirits at the Sundance Film Festival. It didn’t seem like anything was up between them. Fans were in for a treat when Bella shared the snap of Mod Sun’s phone blowing up with notifications from the dating site. Oddly enough, though, it doesn’t seem like she cared.

Watch the video and check out the way Bella exposed Mod Sun for using the dating app, Badoo.

EL.OH. EL. Bella even put music to her snap and zoomed in three times, which makes us think that this is something she’s seen before. Or something she literally could give zero effs about. But, with recent developments, maybe she DID care and that’s why she made an account of her own on a different dating site. The rest of that Instagram story of hers was relatively normal for what Bella usually posts. You know, the topless selfies and videos. There was nothing more about Mod Sun’s use of the app. So are they in an open relationship? Did he just forget to shut down his account when he started dating Bella? Is Bella secretly really pissed?

What’s even more odd about the whole thing is that it’s a popular U.K. dating site. Was he trying to find girls across the pond so Bella would be less likely to find out? Does Mod Sun travel to Europe often, which is why he decided to join? Seriously, there are so many questions. He has yet to publicly comment on her usage of the Huggle app, but anything he can do she can do better, right? Right.

This post was originally published on January 25, 2018, and has since been updated.

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