Charlie Puth is going on a rant, seemingly about his fling with Bella Thorne, and he is not happy. Just last week Charlie and the actress were spotted hanging out together at the Miami Jingle Ball and even had a romantic trip to the beach, without Bella confirming that her relationship with Tyler Posey had ended.

It turns out things may not have been clear for the "We Don't Talk Anymore" singer either, as he took to Twitter to say he does not want to be caught in the "middle" of this love triangle.

He started his rant by saying: "I'm sorry…You know who you are."

charlie puth 1

"I messed a lot of things up, I get it if we can't be friends…you know who you are," he wrote last night.

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"But if you could just come to your senses…you know who you are," he concluded.

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Perhaps these thread of tweets then inspired the Disney Channel actress to post a throwback polaroid of her and Tyler writing, "Taking a trip down memory lane."

This morning, Charlie began tweeting again saying: "I can't believe what I'm reading."

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"No one should have their heart messed with like this, and I'm not going to be in the middle of it."

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"I don't know Tyler personally, but I know he shouldn't be treated this way."

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HollywoodLife posted a story from an interview with Tyler saying it was "from days before" she was spotted with Charlie and he opened up about how happy he was with Bella and how he was looking forward to hanging out with her in the holidays.

“Bella and I just started dating and I am really excited to be spending it with her and our new family. We have a really close group of friends and family that we just really fell in love with and have become such a unit, so I am really excited to spend the holidays with them!” he told the site.

“I couldn’t be happier. Everything and everyday is a new adventure and this holiday especially will be interesting and different. So it is all great and beautiful!” the actor continued.

There is no telling when this interview took place, but it seemed like he had his heart set on this relationship lasting. But Charlie has clarified to a fan that he was told the relationship with the Teen Wolf star had ended: "She told me she was not with him anymore. This is all news to me."

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Yikes. This is getting far too messy. It could be that Charlie read that interview with Tyler, and that is what set him off and perhaps it was an old interview. Bella has not said anything regarding these tweets, and we truly do feel bad that Charlie was caught in the middle of all of this.


Bella has broken her silence, tweeting "Ty and I have been broken up for like over two weeks and charlie and I ARENT DATING we are friends. That article was written forever ago."

The Shake It Up star retweeted a message that Keke Palmer wrote to Charlie defending the starlet that said, "Why couldn't you have just texted @bellathorne in private if you were confused? The interview is dated. So sorry Bella, ignore ?."

Can you believe this is happening? What do you think really went on? Tell us in the comments.

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