Are they or aren't they?

Bella Thorne had been spotted getting cozy with Keeping Up With the Kardashians star Scott Disick while on a whirlwind trip to Cannes, France. But, after he was seen with a slew of other women just hours after photos surfaced of their time together, Bella headed back to Los Angeles. It hasn't been confirmed that Scott's antics were the reason she left, but it's clear that she wanted to get out of there fast AF.

Now that Bella is back home, she's been hanging out with the most unexpected person ever – her ex-boyfriend Gregg Sulkin. Granted, it was his birthday but she told him she loved him in a message on social media and they were ALSO seen on a dinner date. Oh yeah and this all happened just the two of them!

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They were photographed walking arm in arm and grabbed a bite to eat at Counter Burger together. After that, they went to the movies and if this doesn't sound like a date, we don't know what does!

A source told PEOPLE magazine, "Bella and Gregg had a difficult relationship when they were together. She felt like he was too controlling and that’s part of why they broke up, but they’ve been talking for a little while and going back and forth."

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The source continued, "After hooking up with Scott and feeling like a total fool, she realized she and Gregg had something more special. She started hitting him up after she got back. Gregg’s missed her too, though he’s still playing around and hanging out with other girls. They spent his birthday together and they’re rekindling things and hooking up."

Ahh! So, it seems like there is a chance a full-on rekindled relationship could be in the works. Bella might be running back to her first love after everything that has gone down but they obviously have a serious connection. They never really stopped being friends even after they split.

While there's no proof that they are back to being romantically involved, Bella admitted that she loves him. She captioned an Instagram post for his birthday, "Happy birthday Gregg!!!! I love you :)) always been such a wonderful person:) glad we are here through thick and thin. Let's party you old man!!"

We don't know about you but we are seriously holding out hope for this reunion!

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