Talk about friendly exes!

Gregg Sulkin and Bella Thorne are still very much in each other’s lives, even though it has been over a year since their breakup. It was Gregg that Bella ran back to after her fiasco Cannes trip with reality star bad boy Scott Disick. It was Gregg who Bella wished a ‘Happy Birthday’ on Instagram recently and even said she loved him in the caption. And it was Gregg that she was seen out and about with laughing, smiling and looking much happier than she has in recent months.

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After all this, shippers (and basically the entire world watching) was convinced that Bella and Gregg had reignited the romantic flame between them. But it seems like we were all wrong.

Bella sat down with Complex magazine and talked about many aspects of her life, including Gregg. What she said is totally real, yet it has us believing that these two aren’t getting back together anytime soon, unfortunately.

Bella said, “Gregg and I are so close — we hang out all the time. Gregg helped me grow up and helped me through such an important and impactful time in my life. He has such great intentions. This guy is in-f–king-credibly nice and obviously ridiculously good looking and funny and charming.”

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UGH. Of course their reunion would have been too good to be true. But it’s obvious that she has a lot of love and respect for Gregg that will never go away. Because he was by her side at such a vulnerable time in her life, it has made them lifelong friends.

On the other side of things, it’s hard to imagine being THAT close with an ex and having all romantic chemistry lost. She even says that he’s super attractive – which he is, DUH. So, that makes us wonder if they are still secretly hooking up. It’s hard to tell because that obviously would complicate things and it seems like they are both in a good place in each other’s lives right now.

Bella and Gregg are seriously a match made in Hollywood heaven, but for now, it seems like the friend zone is where it’s at. Maybe Gregg just needs to keep being in-f–king-credibly nice, ridiculously good looking, funny and charming. Just maybe that’ll drive them out of the friend zone.

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