Fans went crazy during a Beyonce concert on Tuesday night all because the singer sneezed. What?! According to eyewitnesses at her Formation Tour, the singer was just about to sing "Love On Top," when she stopped to let out a cute sneeze. Aww!

Fans at the Citifield loved the fact that the singer did something “relatable," with everyone in the audience screaming “bless you” to the singer before cheering!

Fans took to Twitter to speak about what happened, with one fan tweeting, “45,000 people just watched Beyoncé sneeze and we all cheered for her. ‪#FormationWorldTour."

Another said, “Didn't even know Beyoncé could sneeze yo."

Well, there you have it. Even the stars can't help doing things like sneezing! Watch below to see the moment it happened:

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