BLACKPINK in your area … or areas! The most popular K-pop girl group in the world is made up of four members, Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo and Rosé, and three of the four have already launched their solo music careers! Keep reading to see what the girls are working on outside of BLACKPINK.

Jennie was the first member to launch her solo music career, as she released her song and music video for “SOLO” in November 2018. Next was Rosé in March 2021, as she wrote and released two songs and music videos: “On The Ground” and “Gone.” Lisa was next to debut her solo EP with “LALISA” and “MONEY” in September 2021.

Jisoo told Rolling Stone in May 2022 that the reason she hasn’t made her solo debut yet is because she’s unsure about which direction to take. “I’m not sure how much I want to go solo yet,” she said. “The music I listen to, the music I can do, and the music I want to do — what should I choose?”

“What do I exactly like?” Jisoo continued to muse in the interview. “It’s still a mystery. I love to perform, but I don’t always enjoy being part of the spotlight. I think it’s different for the other members: They love to receive the spotlight, feeling energized by the people who come to see us, and then getting a bit depressed when the stage is over and silence arrives. I’m a little different. When I’m onstage, I think about not making mistakes. Performing sometimes feels more like a test than something genuinely fun.”

The girls of BLACKPINK are also known for their impact on the fashion industry, as each member is an ambassador for a famous beauty brand. Jennie is an ambassador for Chanel, Lisa for Celine, Rosé for Saint Laurent and Jisoo for Dior. The girls are constantly in ad campaigns for the brands, as well as attending fashion shows and other large-scale events.

“I mean, won’t Blackpink last at least 10 more years? We’ll be nearly 40 by then,” Lisa told Rolling Stone. “Someday we’ll get married and things like that. But then I see the Spice Girls, how they got together for a reunion concert. Can we do that too someday? Will I be able to dance then, like I do now?”

“Even if we’re 70 and we have different lives, I’ll still feel like I’m Blackpink,” Jennie revealed. “As corny as it sounds, I don’t think Blackpink will ever end in my heart. It’s a part of my family. You can’t deny your family.” Scroll through our gallery to see all of BLACKPINK’s solo projects outside of the girl group.

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