Hey J-14ers,

Last night I saw by far my favorite concert of the year — OP presents Boys Like Girls with Cobra Starship, The Maine, A Rocket To The Moon, and VersaEmerge. I've never seen so much energy in one show!

My fave song by The Maine last night was actually the last one they performed (okay, it's one of my faves by them in general anyway!), "Girls Do What They Want." Lead singer John O'Callaghan was so into it felt like he got lost in the song! Plus after their set, I ran into a fan who was so excited to catch one of drummer Pat Kirch's drumsticks — she said she had to practically fight the crowd to keep it! Now those are real fans!

I've never seen Cobra Starship live, but I have met lead singer Gabe Saporta, guitarist Ryland Blackinton, and bassist Alex Suarez before, so I was psyched to finally see them perform a full set. And they sure did perform for their hometown crowd! "It's good to be home, man," Gabe told the crowd at the beginning of the show. Cobra opened with "The City Is At War," got the crowd in a frenzy when they announced the song "Pete Wentz Is The Only Reason We're Famous," danced like madman to the latin-infused punk song "Smile For The Paparazzi," and rocked out to their newest single, "Hot Mess." But the highlight of the night was definitely their last song, when Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester came out to perform Cobra's hit single "Good Girls Go Bad." It was the first time Leighton ever performed with Cobra live, and she brought two back-up dancers on stage with her! I've never seen a crowd go as nuts as they did for this song.

Well, that was until Boys Like Girls came on! Sure it helps that I know every song, but they had me hooked from the moment the second they hit the stage covering Black Eyed Peas' "I Gotta Feeling," which led right into their single, "Love Drunk." I was psyched to hear them play two of my fave tracks off their Boys Like Girls album, "Five Minutes To Midnight" and "Hero/Heroine," and it was awesome to hear VersaEmerge's lead singer Sierra Kusterbeck take on Taylor Swift's part in BLG's newest single, "Two Is Better Than One." But the absolutely best part of the night was when they took on their sick anthem, "The Great Escape" — not only was it amazing to hear live, lead singer Martin Johnson invited everyone up on stage to sing with them!

It was a crazy way to end an awesome night of music!

Tell me J-14ers — what's the best concert you've been to this year?

Emily, J-14 editor

Photos: J-14; Courtesy of Shotmonster.com; J-14

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