Bridgit Mendler has been in the studio a lot recently working on her second full-length album, and she opened up to American Rag about what it's like being in the recording booth!

Bridgit revealed, "Being in the studio is pretty different than being on set. On set there are a bunch of people around all the time; depending on the day 20-100. But in the studio, it’s just the other writer and producer."


Bridgit also explained the difference between learning lines and singing in the studio, "Also, in the studio I make up the words I sing whereas on set, I rehearse the lines someone else wrote. Also, on set my call time is usually around 9:00 in the morning, while musicians generally start their day at noon at the earliest. But this works out well for me because I usually feel more musically inspired at night. I come up with some of my favorite song concepts right before bed."

We're having so much trouble being patient for Bridgit's next album, but we know that the longer we wait the better the CD will be!

Are you excited to hear new music from Bridgit? Let us know which of her songs is your favorite track so far in the comments!

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