Does Cameron Dallas have a son?! That is easily the question that would run through anyone's mind if you were mindlessly scrolling through Instagram and came across his latest post. He uploaded a video to his account and alerted his 19 million followers to the fact that he just a had a baby boy!

"It's a boy??? so blessed to have such a healthy baby ❤️he came out 145 lbs & 2 oz #FirstBabyBoy #Blessed Gonna name him Goat ????," Cam wrote.

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OK, so allow us to explain. The Chasing Cameron star didn't actually have a mysterious baby out of nowhere. The video is actually a clip of Cameron feeding his best friend Chris Gonzalez with some liquids via a syringe, baby-bottle, since Chris was recovering from jaw surgery. Cameron was simply making light of the situation and joking round, as he always does. Watch it for yourself:

Aww, poor Chris! Getting an intense surgery like that is never an easy thing to go through but if you've watched any of Cam's Instagram stories lately, then you'll know Chris is back home recovering and he's doing much better now. It appears Cameron just felt the need to share this video he definitely had stored away in his camera roll and after he posted it, of course Chris, and Cameron's other's BFF Aaron Carpenter just had to chime in with their thoughts.

chris gonzalez comment

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Aaron couldn't help but share his laughter over the video and Chris wasn't too happy to see Cam put this out there! Cameron has been working hard on creating music that he's hinted is about "special someone," so perhaps viewing Chris as his child now has changed his soul after all. LOL! Cameron doesn't have a child of his own yet, perhaps he's waiting you know until he's older and has found that right person, but it looks like he's getting some dad practice, all thanks to his BFF. True friendship right there.

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