From Katy Perry to Kristen Stewart, Cara Delevingne started quite the hair trend when she debuted her shaved head at the Met Gala this May. While at the time Delevingne revealed her new 'do was for her role as a cancer patient in the upcoming Life in a Year, it seems this wasn't the only reason the actress went for the big chop.

According to a new interview, Delevingne shaved her head as a means of challenging standards in beauty. "Just doing it really was liberating. The kind of power and not needing hair to be beautiful, and that was the message I really thought I needed to spread," the actress told WWD.

In fact, a large part of Cara's work now is trying to change attitudes and empower young people. "Probably the thing I'm most passionate about at the moment is being an inspiration for young girls and the youth of today, because that is the most important thing. And whether it's by doing a film or working with charities or doing certain docu-series, what I'm trying to do is spread positive messages," she said.

Not only has Delevingne's buzz cut inspired an attitude shift, her wardrobe has had to change too. She said, "There's a lot different things I get to wear. I'm preferring more to wear dresses and such, because I get to look at my femininity in a different way."

Her favorite thing about her shorter 'do? Those extra minutes in bed. "The fact that there's no upkeep, that's my favorite part about it," Delevingne said. Yep, the buzz cut surely takes the prize of the ultimate lazy girl style.

This post was written by Elizabeth Bennett. It originally appeared on our sister site, Grazia Daily.

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