Some of these celebrities have wild beige flags!

ICYMI: A beige flag is a quirk or weird thing — neither good nor bad — that you notice about someone. It’s a term normally used in a dating situation to label a behavior that’s odd enough to note but not something you’d breakup with someone over.

The beige flag trend became popular on TikTok with internet stars calling out the beige flags of their significant others or even someone they went on a date with. The viral videos are often paired with a soft jazz sound. One influencer explained it as “something that would cause someone to take a three-second pause, and then continue the relationship.” OK, so something that is truly no cause for concern — no red flags here!

“Beige flags started as a way to see if someone’s online dating profile was seen as boring,” dating coach Thomas Edwards told Today in August 2023. “If you use very cliche lines or you like pineapple on pizza or Excel spreadsheets, it seemed like those were hints that you were totally boring.”

He added, “We live in a society that loves to identify and categorize things. That’s just kind of the trendy thing to do.”

So, people online are going to analyze behaviors — especially if it’s going to go viral on TikTok and result in millions of views.

“Those quirks and those interesting things can be a part of the personality and the character of who that person is, which is the very thing that you fell in love with or appreciate,” Thomas continued. “I think it’s important to know what green flags are, red flags are, but when we get into a whole spectrum of flags, then it makes the situation around dating, relationships, connection and attraction, really, really complicated.”

The bottom line is, don’t think too much into a beige flag — just take it at face value. Because, let’s be real, everyone’s a little weird sometimes!

Wondering which stars have revealed some beige flags of thier own over the years? Scroll through our gallery to uncover your favorite celebrities’ beige flags. 

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