Welcome to the era of celebrity relationship “hard-launches.” In Hollywood, internet users have started to use the term “hard-launch” when someones goes “public” with a romantic partner. Whether its a celebrity posting their significant other via social media, or going red carpet official, keep reading to see a list of the best celebrity couple “hard-launches.”

One of the first “hard-launches” you might think of is that of YouTube sensation Emma Chamberlain and musician Tucker Pillsbury (a.k.a. Role Model). The two went official in a GQ interview posted on Valentine’s Day in 2023, titled This Is Emma Chamberlain and Role Model’s Hard Launch. The article included photos of the couple loved up and looking adorable together, while they spoke about their relationship.

“We have a very just unproblematic, safe, private — when we want to be private—relationship,” Tucker told the outlet. “We’re never going to be posting photos and selfies of us on a beach in Cabo.”

And when it came to asking the big question: were the two hard launching their relationship?

“A hard-launch? Totally,” Emma confirmed. “This is hard-launch vibes.”

Prior to publicly confirming their relationship in the interview, they still weren’t exactly trying to hide the fact that they were seeing each other. From posing on the red carpet at the Vanity Fair Oscar party in 2022 to social media posts, the couple is obviously smitten.

On top of that, when Tucker spoke with GQ in April 2022, he shared how in love he is with his current partner and admitted he would get an “Emma” tattoo.

“We are both the most open with each other, ever. Our dynamic just works,” he explained to GQ. “She’s the most talkative human being on the earth, and I’m shy. We are both not confrontational, which makes me think like that would cause its set of problems, but it works for us. We know what each other is thinking without speaking.”

They’re not the only Hollywood couple to make such an iconic relationship debut. Scroll through the gallery below to see the most iconic hard-launches of celebrity couples. 

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