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We think the internet has let this case go undiscovered for too long now — and we’re here to crack it wide open!

Role Model, also known as Tucker Harrington Pillsbury, may be known for his bedroom pop music or his previous relationship with Emma Chamberlain, but we think he may be tied to an iconic American dynasty.

Keep reading to find out if Tucker is related to one of the world’s largest cake manufacturers. 

Is Role Model Related to the Pillsbury Family?

That’s right, we’re putting it out there — and to be completely frank, we literally have no idea. Is it a coincidence that he just so happens to have the same last name as the dough boy? Probably!

While Tucker has made no mention of having any affiliations with the affluent Pillsbury family, it’s also very possible that he just so happens to share the last name without having any ties.

So, Tucker, tell us you have nothing to do with the Pillsbury family … (Taylor Swift voice) ~but what if you did?~

What Evidence Links Role Model to the Pillsbury Family?

Get your detective hats on. To start off with, we’re taking a look back at the origin of the surname, Pillsbury.

According to the Pillsbury Family Lineage, “Families bearing the name lived in the Derbyshire – Stratford area around ‘Pillsbury Grange,’ the castle or fortress which has long been simply a pile of stones.”

The page further cites that “descendants married into other Puritan families so [their] family lines are dense with New England heritage” — okay, we’re getting somewhere now!

Tucker was born on May 15, 1997, in Portland, Maine, and spent most of his childhood in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. Do you see the connection yet?

Maine just so happens to be part of New England, which is close to where Tucker spent his adolescent years.

its always sunny clip

Can you tell we need sleep?

What Has Role Model Said About His Family?

Not much is known about Tucker’s family as he keeps his relationships on the down low. However, we do know he’s the youngest son of his parents Susan Pillsbury and Rusty Pillsbury.

His father is a real estate appraiser and his mother is a special education teacher in Cape Elizabeth schools.

While he hasn’t shed to much light about his family, he has talked a bit about his upbringing.

“When I was 7 or 8, I used to dress up like Elvis on holidays and perform with my aunt in front of my moms whole family,” he told DIY magazine in 2019. “I used to have an obsession with him. Posters, lunchboxes, giant cut-outs and all.”

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