Bella Thorne is happily dating Tyler Posey now, but it looks like there is someone else might have his eye on the actress. Charlie Puth and Bella have totally been flirting over Twitter and now fans are just dying to know what's really going on between these two.

It all began a few days ago when Charlie just had to let Bella know that he simply thinks she's beautiful, to which she replied, with a kissy emoji.

charlie bella tweet

And Charlie followed up, sending her another flirty response back.

These two were back at the tweeting game again, with Bella poking some fun at Charlie for a tweet he sent out. He then let everyone know that they're indeed texting each other too.

bella charlie tweet 2

OK, so they're very publicity talking on Twitter AND privately texting each other, at the same time. WHAT DOES THIS ALL MEAN?! Obviously, it's totally possible they're just friends, but it's interesting that Charlie put it out there he has Bella's number. Why didn't he just send her a quick text telling her he thought she was beautiful to begin with instead of tweeting it? Or maybe he got her number after he sent her that original message? Hmm, there are still some mysteries surrounding this budding friendship, but we think it's safe to say Charlie is crushing on Bella! We're sure Tyler is cool with it though. Bella is stunning after all!

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