Breakups happen a lot in Hollywood and sometimes it's really hard for the couple to keep tight-lipped about their former significant other. Whether or not the split was amicable or super messy, there's been a handful of interviews where a celeb spills the beans about the relationship!

Yes, while it can be super juicy, it's often times incredibly sad. Can you imagine having to talk about your boyfriend or girlfriend who recently cheated on you? OR even worse, having to answer questions about someone you still love but because your schedules are so different you had no choice but to break up.

The situations are very tough but often end up leading the celeb to open up even more. Anddd this is where we come in. We've compiled a list of 10 shocking confessions that celebrities have made after their public split and they will seriously make your jaw drop!

Click through the gallery and check out some of the craziest confessions the Hollywood dating pool has ever heard!

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