By now, you've most likely binged watched all of season two of Stranger Things on Netflix and hey, there's been enough time since the new batch of episodes was released you could've re-watched it already. And we don't blame you. It was too good and it's only nine episodes so you can easily get right through them all. Obviously, all the fave characters were back — Eleven is still the coolest, Steve won ever all our hearts — but there were a few new characters introduced too, like Max and her step-brother Billy.

Billy was actually the worst though, making everyone's lives miserable since he himself is a bit of a mess, so the typical type who takes his personal anger and issues out on those around him. And even with that '80s style hair and overall jerk personality, you might've caught yourself thinking, "Why does Billy look so familiar?" Well, he should! The actor who plays him, Australian cutie Dacre Montgomery, was also in one of the summer's most action-packed movies: Power Rangers.

Yes, Billy is Jason from the Power Rangers movie.

jason power rangers movie

Seriously, he looks so different on Stranger Things from how he actually looks in real life, doesn't he?

power rangers cast

So yes, you already know Dacre but since he played a hero before and is a full-blown bully in ST, it's easy to see why you wouldn't immediately recognize him. It's something he admitted he was really excited to bring to life.

"I'm very fortunate to go from being a protagonist in this world [of Power Rangers] to an antagonist in Stranger Things. Playing the bad boy, and working with those amazing actors who made the first season of one of my favorites, has been really, really lovely," Dacre said in a Facebook Live interview.

Fans get to see two completely different side of the actor, which is always a treat. Oh yeah and like we've mentioned, he's from Australia so IRL, he has a cute AF accent he changes up for these two roles. Go ahead and add that to the list of things to know about him. And now, let's admire his abs, shall we?

Hey, becoming a Power Ranger takes some hard work. He's just full of surprises this Dacre. Here for it.

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