Celebrities have to do a lot to prepare for a role. Sometimes, they have to train long and hard (like Lana Condor did when she played an assassin in Deadly Class). Other times, some actors or actresses have to cut and dye their hair a different color (like the time Joey King legit shaved off her all her locks for her role in The Act). And once in a while, stars have to learn a new accent!

Yep, has anyone ever been thrown off when they realized an actor from one of their favorite movies or TV shows actually has a totally different accent in real life? Take Millie Bobby Brown, for example. She plays Eleven in Stranger things, but fans may be totally shocked to learn that she actually has a British accent in real life! What about KJ Apa? Who knew that he was actually from New Zealand? That means when he’s not playing Archie Andrews in Riverdale, he sounds totally different!

They’re not the only ones… Scroll through our gallery to uncover all the actors and actresses who you’ll be shocked to learn have accents in real life.

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