By Ashley Spencer

J-14 caught up with Alex Pettyfer and Dianna Agron at the Hot Topic in Paramus, NJ, where they were promoting their new flick, I Am Number Four, and Alex opened up exclusively to J-14 about another role that might be on his horizon – Peeta Mellark in The Hunger Games!

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"I met with Lionsgate. I think Gary Ross is a great director," Alex tells J-14. "I have [read the books]. I'm a very big fan. I just hope they can conquer the movie."

While Liam Hemsworth has also expressed interest in the role, Alex's ex, Emma Roberts, recently admitted that she's not quite up to speed on all things Panem. "I'm the only human being on the face of the planet who hasn't read The Hunger Games," she says. "I own them. I just haven't read them. I hear it's really awesome."

The Hunger Games hits theaters March 23, 2012, and shooting is scheduled to begin in late spring.

As for Alex's reported starring role in the upcoming The Seventh Son, he tells J-14 it's not for sure yet. "We're still trying to figure everything out," Alex tells us.

Do you want to see Alex Pettyfer in The Hunger Games movie? Are you excited for I Am Number Four?

Photo: Courtesy of Ashley Spencer

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