Celebrities have to do a lot to prepare for a role. Sometimes they have to learn a new accent (like KJ Apa in Riverdale for example — did you know he’s from New Zealand?). Other times, they need to train long and hard (like Lana Condor who plays an assassin in Deadly Class). But once in a while, some stars have even gone as far as shaving all their hair off for a role! Wow, talk about dedication.

Take Millie Bobby Brown, for example. As fans know, the Stranger Things actress shaved off her hair for her role as Eleven. And turns out, she said it was “one of the most empowering decisions” she’s ever made.

The star told PopSugar, “It wasn’t easy. Well, the shaving your head part is easy. Being in your own home: easy. When you step out into society, into the outside world, it becomes so incredibly difficult. The things people think about you is crazy. I always got judged for what could potentially have happened to me, when it doesn’t matter what happened to me. You should be looking at my face and my eyes — it doesn’t matter what happened to my hair.”

And she’s not the only one! Joey King did it too. We were all pretty shook when the actress shaved her head for her role in The Act. And she totally rocked it!

We mean, it definitely takes a lot of bravery to cut all your hair off. A ton of other celebrities have actually shaved their heads for roles too, and you’re not going to believe how different they look! Scroll through our gallery to see!

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