When it comes to celebrity hairstyles, stars like Zendaya and Selena Gomez have no issue changing it up. From different colors to cutting it short, there’s nothing these stars won’t try — especially bangs! Over the years, some famous faces have proved that just about anyone can rock some fringe.

Before her first-ever modeling campaign at 2 years old, this was something Gigi Hadid discovered when she cut her own hair.

“I think my first campaign was when I was 2, and I don’t remember this, but the night before my first shoot, I cut my own bangs,” she told W Magazine in October 2016. “So in my first baby Guess campaign, I’m wearing a bandana because I decided to give myself a haircut.”

While her DIY chop may not have looked the best because she was just a tiny tot, Gigi has since rocked the front bang look multiple times since growing up in the spotlight. Sometimes she sported fringe on the runway, while others she walked a red carpet with a fresh blonde chop.

Of course, when it comes to major hair changes, fans know that Miley Cyrus has no problem experimenting with new styles.

“I still really want to be an entertainer and show up in my own way and I don’t want to look like anybody else,” the former Disney Channel star explained during a December 2017 interview with NME“With the short hair thing, it was an androgynous, sexy feeling, which is what I want people to feel like. I don’t wanna be over-feminized, but I’m not masculine either — I’m just myself. [What] people don’t really understand [about] gender fluidity is by feeling nothing, I feel everything.”

Since then, she’s continued to change up her look, having landed on a blonde mullet in 2021. Similarly to her iconic Hannah Montana look, Miley leaned into the front bangs but with a shorter chop instead of the long blonde hair that her former counterpart would rock.

“My hair is some sort of reflection for my sanity, my sexuality, my sobriety,” Miley shared on The Howard Stern Show in December 2020. “The public really makes my hair, I guess, the kind of monitor of how I am doing. It’s really not [the public’s] fault that they associate my hair and my identity and my well-being so closely. Because basically, we drilled that into their brains for eight years of a series.”

Click through our gallery to see which other celebs have rocked bangs over the years. 

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