Aside from being known for being one of the greatest female vocalists of our generation, Ariana Grande is also known for one other thing – her ponytail. It’s her signature hairstyle, and she rarely is seen without it. No really, the sight of Ariana with her hair down is something so rare, it is actually quite shocking to see.

The super high, slicked-back ponytail has become quite iconic, and we love that Ariana doesn’t switch up her hair just because she thinks she should. If you like your hair a certain way, then why feel the need to switch things up just for the sake of looking different? She likes her hair in a ponytail, and so that’s what she does. She is undeniably herself with that updo – but believe it or not, she has switched things up from time to time. And she looks fire both ways. Check out the gallery to see the rare times Ariana has rocked her hair down – because, boy, does she look different!

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