High school can be pretty sucky at times. We mean, with all those hard tests and long papers, it’s definitely not fun. But as much as we all hate it, it’s unfortunately a big part of life, right? Regardless of how us normal folk feel about high school, for celebrities, it’s a totally different story. We decided to do some investigating, and it turns out, a ton of your favorite stars actually never even finished high school!

It’s definitely shocking that celebs like Ed Sheeran, Noah Centineo, Daniel Radcliffe, Jennifer Lawrence, Harry Styles, Katy Perry and Niall Horan have dropped out of school, right? Especially considering how successful they all became! We guess when you have a voice that beautiful and the ability to write gorgeous songs, you don’t necessarily need to know what 4×8 equals, LOL. You guys are seriously not going to believe who else never graduated. Scroll through our gallery to see all the stars that dropped out of high school.

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