Two After movies have officially been released with another two on the way. Since the Harry Styles-inspired flicks were released, Tessa and Hardin’s love story stole the hearts to viewers everywhere, and their love story isn’t over just yet.

Based on the book series by Anna Todd, the film series stars Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin as Tessa Young and Hardin Scott, respectively. Both stars are total newcomers on the acting scene, but ever since the first movie hit theaters in April 2019, fans have fallen head-over-heels in love with Hardin — ahem, we mean Hero.

“It was initially overwhelming,” he told Flaunt Magazine in February 2021 about the immediate fame that came from the After movies. “But now at this point I’m obviously able to enjoy the good things and not dwell too much on the changes. I didn’t plan for this, I just wanted to stay busy and do loads of auditions and do things on the side. Now a few years later, I’ve kind of settled from a sudden change in a sudden period of time to now a long couple years of adjustments.”

During the same interview, Hero opened up about how he tackles the fan-favorite character of Hardin.

“The interesting thing about Hardin is that he changes so much depending on how Tessa changes,” he told FLAUNT. “Once he deals with his childhood trauma, you hope that he will be able to become his best self. I think the whole journey with After as well is watching how he becomes the best version of himself alongside Tessa. He goes from being a version of himself who is far from who he wants to be to transforming to be who he wants to be.”

Moving forward, the actor wants always be able to play both bad guys and good guys in movies.

“Maybe I just look like more of the ‘bad guy,'” he said. “To be able to play the bad guys and the good guys is definitely something I want to always be able to have a balance between.”

Naturally, fans want to know everything about the cutie, like where did he come from? What did he star in before After? Where can we follow him on social media? And most importantly — is he single? Well guys, J-14 has you covered. We did some digging and we uncovered a lot on the swoon-worthy actor who stole all the fans’ hearts in AfterScroll through our gallery to see everything we know so far about Hero.

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