Let’s be real: We’re pretty much all obsessed with Harry Styles‘ amazing fashion sense — and that includes Joe Jonas. In fact, the Jonas Brother loves the One Direction singer’s style so much that he wrote a song for him. Well, kind of.

During a visit to SiriusXMNick Jonas asked his brother if he’s ever written a song about the 25-year-old heartthrob. His response? “Uh, yeah, Nick.”

But wait, it gets even better. When the “Jealous” singer asked him what the song was called, the 29-year-old revealed it’s called “Harry Styled Me,” and then proceeded to sing a few lines.

If you think the title is hilarious, you’re going to absolutely love the lyrics, which are, “Oh, Harry, well you came and you dressed me and it was nice.” LOL.

Clearly, the whole thing was a joke, but what probably wasn’t a joke is the fact that, like the rest of us, Joe seriously admires the “Sign of the Times” crooner’s natural knack for fashion. We mean, between his floral suits and his iconic blouses, there’s a lot to admire, so we totally understand why Joe felt inspired to write a song about him.

Unfortunately, though, his brother Nick wasn’t too fond of the song, and he sarcastically responded to it by saying, “We should give Barry Manilow all the writing credit for that one.” Well, at least he’s honest!

While we do appreciate any sort of music we can get out of the Jonas Brothers, we’re hoping the band’s new music is a lot more impressive than “Harry Styled Me.” From what we’ve heard so far, their new single “Sucker” is a total bop, so the reunion is definitely going well so far. But just in case they need our advice, we think they should scrap the Harry Styles tune and give us the JoBros songs we’ve all been thirsting for over their six-year-long hiatus.


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