No matter how much of a Jonas Brothers fan you were back in the day, we are here to tell you that you are more than entitled to hold a grudge over the boys for breaking up the band out of the blue – and breaking our hearts in the process. And this is coming from someone whose middle school era bedroom walls were legit plastered in posters of the boys – so trust me, I’m qualified enough to bash them for this earth-shattering mistake. I did my time (watching their YouTube videos on repeat) and paid the price (on concert tickets), so like – I’m allowed to rant about this one thing. OK?

It was pretty messed up, the way they dropped the bomb on us. So from one reformed Jonas Brothers tween to another – let me just make it clear that I’m still mad about it. Watch the video above for our full venting session on why the Jonas Brothers really let us down by breaking up the way they did.

It was the year 3000 – no wait, 2013 – when Nick, Joe and Kevin blindsided us all by going their separate ways and breaking up as a band. It all started with the now infamous tweet within the fandom (yes, we’re still a fandom). “Please hold while we get our sh-t together,” Joe wrote, shortly before the world, as we knew it, came tumbling down.

jo bros breakup tweet

We get it – they were all trying to go down different paths. Joe even opened up about not being happy about the idea of splitting as a band when Nick initially proposed the concept.

“When Nick presented the idea of closing a chapter and moving on, I freaked out. I didn’t know whether to pick up and leave or just punch something, because I was furious. I’d spent so long working with my brothers on this band, and in my mind, it felt like we were just giving up. It didn’t make sense to me,” Joe revealed in a tell-all piece he wrote for Vulture. “It would have been really tough for me to go on a last-hurrah tour. I didn’t care about the money, I just wanted to figure out the right, healthy way for us to be good as a family.”

But our questions is this – why couldn’t they have just sucked it up for… wait for it, a little bit longer, to finish what they started? I think they owed us that. I guess we forgive them, though. After all, a Jonas Brothers fans’ love is forever.

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