Harry Styles has dropped the first video of his solo career for his debut single "Sign of the Times," and it is everything longtime One Direction fans would have expected from the singer.

When photos leaked after being spotted by the paparazzi while he was being suspended in the air during the video shoot in Scotland, everyone found out that Harry was making his return to music in a major way. But truly, no one could have predicted how strong the visuals would be after seeing the results when he released the full clip on May 8th.

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Harry teased the release with a 16-second clip posted on social media, and it got fans excited to finally see the video that inspired thousands of Harry flying memes.

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After finally watching it, it is safe to say the British singer has reached new heights with this video. The 1D guy is literally floating above the earth, with his hair flowing in the wind and it is magical.

harry styles

At about three minutes in, Harry effortlessly walks on water. What kind of sorcery went into the making of this video?

harry styles

Fans also get up close and personal with Harry's perfectly chiseled face, which is kind of reminiscent of the One Direction "Night Changes" video, which made fans feel as if they were on a date with each one of the guys. A true classic. What did we do to deserve this face?

harry styles is an angel

Harry is starting his career off on the right foot, and fans are totally loving it. His new song "Sweet Creatures" video has to be completely genius to top this one. We cannot wait to see what else Harry does with his solo career, but are positive that he will rock it. And for any other boy band guys, if you are going to drop your first video as a solo artist, this is how you do it.

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Watch the video below and see for yourself how far up Harry went in the name of music. Check out Harry Styles' Life Story here.

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