Our hearts go out to Dakota Fanning and Elle Fanning.

These sisters have been in the spotlight for a super long time and they have been nothing but successful, classy and the epitome of fashion. Yesterday, they made headlines for a different reason. Their parents are getting divorced after almost 27 years together.

This is very sad news. TMZ is reporting that their dad, Steven Fanning, called it quits on the relationship and filed for divorce from their mom, Heather Fanning. The cause is reportedly over irreconcilable differences but no one from the family has made a statement regarding the split.

There's no news on how these two will split their assets yet Steven supposedly did not ask for spousal support. Our only hope is that Steven and Heather can get through this peacefully and cordially not only for themselves but for the sake of their daughters who may be faced with questions from the media.

Again, our thoughts are with the entire family as they try to deal with this difficult change in their lives.

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