It’s been almost six years since the series finale of Wizards of Waverly Place aired on Disney Channel but that doesn’t mean David Henrie has forgotten his roots. The actor was actually caught hanging out in the Disney building yesterday and fans are freaking the eff out mainly because we’re all wondering what he was doing there. Is a Wizards of Waverly Place reboot really in the works? Will David star in another Disney Channel show? Is he doing something behind the scenes? Or is he literally teasing us all and was only in the building to visit someone? Regardless, he was there and we have a feeling it was nothing less than magical.

Watch the video and check out how David documented his trip to the Disney Channel building on social media!

So, the fact that Todd J. Greenwald said all of that about a Wizards of Waverly Place reboot and David was in the building, we’d like to think that something is being cooked up. Unfortunately, we really have no idea. Selena Gomez has said in the past that she would love to bring the show back in some regard as well. Honestly, who knows. Maybe all of these little hints are just clues for what is really to come. Only time will tell.

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