Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas have been friends ever since the Disney Channel, so we've been eagerly anticipating their upcoming musical collaboration on Nick's new album. While we knew they were working on a song "Avalanche," apparently Demi and Nick have another "very stripped down, very acoustic" secret track!

Demi told MTV News that their second duet happened spur-of-the-moment and was recorded in about two or three hours — and it sounds like it's pretty personal!

"‘Afterglow’ is a song that’s basically about not knowing what’s going to happen, but knowing that there’s feelings and just going for it anyways because you can foresee the glowing aftereffect of finally being together," she spilled.

We wonder if they were thinking about the early stages of their relationships with Wilmer Valderrama and Olivia Culpo when they were writing it!

Even though the track is not on Nick's solo album, Demi says it will come out — eventually.

“It’s a pretty amazing song so hopefully you’ll hear it soon, but maybe we’ll perform it live. Maybe we’ll release it, who knows."

That's so cool! We can't wait to hear it. Also, maybe it's a sign that their musical side project will actually become a reality.

How excited are you for Demi and Nick's collaboration? Do you think they should start a band together? Tell us in the comments!

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